you can’t really argue with this


3 Striking Charts Show How Vaccines Have Impacted 20th Century Diseases


Mostly everything your pediatrician tells you is BS.

I’m a scientist. and a mom. and a mom-scientist. my kids as of writing this are 6 and 2. so I’ve been a mom for more than 6 years, which means more than 6 years of doctor’s visits and bad advice that i have increasingly chosen to ignore. so much so that i try as hard as possible to avoid taking my kids to the doctor. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i’m not trying to live in the dark ages, don’t think that i don’t appreciate modern medicine etc etc etc… of course i do! in fact, i appreciate it so much i’m appalled at many doctors who seem to forgo current research and just dole out old-world advice. but more on that later. so who am i? why am i starting this blog?

Hi – i’m Dr. R. i am 33. i am a baby(toddler)wearing mama a little too obsessed with woven wraps. i am a lactivist – i think that breastfeeding is one of the last great primitive acts that all mammals share and require – immunologically, emotionally… and nobody will ever convince me that breast is not best. in my quest to share the booby love and education i am striving towards a lactation counselor accreditation. i have a beautiful quirky boy, Q, age 6, and a wild wonderful girl, K, age 2.5. they are polar opposites. i have a partner/parent in crime, J, who thankfully defers to me on all things health/science/nature. Oh, and i have a PhD in microbiology/immunology and have worked on HIV vaccine research for essentially all of my career.

in my undergraduate intro to microbiology class, the head of the program told us at the introductory lecture something that has stuck with me always:

“your most important role as scientists is to be able to explain the science to anyone so that they can benefit from it” 

As a mom-scientist in the new world of social media misinformation, where online parent groups are inundated with nonsense, this couldn’t be more true.

why the blog title? well, because the basis of so many parent fears these days is “germs”… and sure, of course sick kids are no fun.. and your immune system is pretty much the foundation of a properly-functioning and healthy person.. so keep it happy and clean and free of germs right?


…but more on that later 🙂