Spoiler alert – yes breastfeeding while pregnant is totally safe

I can’t wait to tandem BF – i feel like i missed out on that the first time around, and that it would have alleviated a lot of jealousy. Generally i feel like you just need more than one kid to improve upon your first attempts.. i have essentially no BF photos of me and Q… I certainly didn’t much think about BF activism then.. though i was a lactivist without realizing it.. no nursing with a cover, nursing a toddler… in public.. etc. I’ve made up for that with K. lots of brelfies there. Q lost interest in nursing before 2.5.. and then it was done.. and later i was sad i didn’t commemorate it better. K is going strong at 31m and i don’t see an end in the near future. so if we’re gearing up for #3 then tandem in may be. and i’m excited.

here’s a bunch of good data on how great tandem BF is


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