Spoiler alert – yes breastfeeding while pregnant is totally safe

I can’t wait to tandem BF – i feel like i missed out on that the first time around, and that it would have alleviated a lot of jealousy. Generally i feel like you just need more than one kid to improve upon your first attempts.. i have essentially no BF photos of me and Q… I certainly didn’t much think about BF activism then.. though i was a lactivist without realizing it.. no nursing with a cover, nursing a toddler… in public.. etc. I’ve made up for that with K. lots of brelfies there. Q lost interest in nursing before 2.5.. and then it was done.. and later i was sad i didn’t commemorate it better. K is going strong at 31m and i don’t see an end in the near future. so if we’re gearing up for #3 then tandem in may be. and i’m excited.

here’s a bunch of good data on how great tandem BF is

Just get your damn shots!

Possibly the only people worse about vaccination than ill-informed parents are ill-informed pregnant women.. I mean it’s really astounding to be that a pregnant woman would refuse the pertussis or flu vaccine in the third trimester, which have been shown anecdotally to be exceptionally safe and extremely beneficial to newborns. Pertussis and flu are very real and deadly threats to babies, especially in communities where not everyone is immunizing themselves or their kids anymore. And then, you read these horrifying articles where new mothers with very sick newborns are pleading with other women to please vaccinate and not make the same mistakes.
I just don’t know what will change this. Full-on return of diseases we mostly left behind 40 years ago??

And here’s this:

Flu Shot During Pregnancy May Reduce Risk of Stillbirths http://nyti.ms/1Wez7G9

Dear breastfeeding mothers who refuse to Sleep Train.

Breastfeeding/attachment parenting is not for the lazy. It builds a strong amazing bond but requires great effort and sacrifice and dedication and frustration. I feel your pain 500%. My girl has had a tough road learning to sleep. She’s 2.5 now and finally sleeps through about 2-3 nights a week.. But last night was up 4 times. I am trying now to withhold the boob because she is big and we can discuss it. I don’t regret our choices and I don’t believe anything else would have changed anything about her needs and personality. I treated my son the same and he was a much easier sleeper from day 1. They tell us what they need. Be strong!!
Until a couple months ago my girl slept in a hammock suspended from the ceiling. She had been in that for a year-and-a-half. Before that she was in a toddler rocking chair to sleep and before that a swing since birth. We did co sleep and still do but she is the most restless child ever. You do what you need to do to keep everybody happy.


here’s something a lot of pediatricians don’t know $hit about


here’s a crazy fact: most pediatricians will tell you there’s no nutritional benefit to breastfeeding past 1 yr. seriously? like the nutritional benefits in the milk just disappears? like suddenly your baby is immune to the benefits? or starts eating 3-course balanced meals overnight? every time i read or hear that yet another doc has misinformed a mama about her milk, and made her doubt “extended” breastfeeding, i’m shocked. appalled. how could a doctor disseminate such nonsense. not to mention the emotional benefits – do they also cease past the first birthday??¬†of course this annoying conversation with your ped. is typically part of a larger one concerning baby ‘sleeping through the night’ and not needing to breastfeed etc. let’s save that for another post.

here’s some more info on ‘bips’ (my kids’ favorite word of all time) past the first year:


What are the benefits of breastfeeding more than a year?




you can’t really argue with this


3 Striking Charts Show How Vaccines Have Impacted 20th Century Diseases